Sudden Urge

In Audiology class today, we went in depth about how it's unhealthy to use a cue-tip to clean out your ear.

I knew this. I have always known this.

Why all the sudden do I have the urge to clean my ear with a cue-tip?

Gross I know. Sorry.


I emailed my professor about this and here is her reply:

The official word is not to ever use a Q-tip because of the potential damage it can do. The wax, dirt, and dead skin will eventually migrate outward until is falls out of your pinna (or you clean it out). There are people who have serious problems with overproduction of ear wax and need to use the over-the-counter cerumen removal products or have it removed by an audiologist or a doctor. Not all audiologists are comfortable removing wax although it is in our scope of practice.
So, cue-tips are bad news :-) I still have the urge though...