Sunday Evening Rants and Raves

Some rants and raves:

Last semester:
Right now, I am trying to get myself organized for this semester and it's just not easy. Do you ever feel like you want to rid yourself of evidence of what happened last semester and last year in order to move on?

Let me explain. Last semester was terrible - absolutely terrible. I don't want to continue to dwell on it, but I'm the type of person that takes awhile to let things go (anyone in my life can tell you that).

To assist with my cleansing of my past semester, I switched planners. Lame huh? Yea, I totally did. The reason I did was because all of my assignments, scribbles, and annoyances still linger earlier in my academic year planner. My solution? I have a nifty annual planner (started in January) to help heal my soul. It's all about the little things right? I figured this will be good because I have so many transitions coming up (moving, weddings, trips, etc) that I will be planning for next year. What better time to have a new planner? It feels so good that maybe I'll burn my old one. Hmm...

You know what also sucks? The time school takes up. Seriously. I have no time for anything or any of my passions. While psych*ology is a passion of mine (it has to be... I wouldn't be studying it in grad school if it wasn't!), it has taken over my life and I don't have time for my other passions. My main passion, aside from psych, is photography. Everytime I take time to take some photos, I feel guilty that I'm not studying or working on more projects. Hopefully come May, my Nikon D40 and I will reunite in a retreat to downtown DC for some photos. Until then, she will wait patiently on my desk for the occasional photo of my rats or an event I'm forced to go to.

Tuesday morning, I am flying to Boston with my classmates for a conference. I am superrr excited because I have never been to Boston and I need the break. We'll be there until Saturday afternoon and we'll be back in the District by Saturday night. Does anyone have any Boston-related advice? Unfortunately, we won't be able to do too much touring but I am still open for suggestions because you never know! Specifically, I'd like some top day activities, some amazing restaurant/dessert ideas, and nightlife ideas. Anyone?

It's 7:00 pm and I gotta go run. My plan is to run on the treadmill while catching some red carpet madness :-) Then it's back to work (ha, l.a.m.e.).