Top 10 Worst Gifts to Give Your Guy

Happy almost Valentine's Day everyone!

Since we're two days away, I think it's time I share my Top 10 Worst Gifts to Give Your Guy for Valentine's Day. If you have already bought any of these, have no fear because there is still time to return them! Here they are:

10. The movie Mama Mia! This movie may have been your favorite summer blockbuster but that doesn't mean it should be added to his movie collection.

9. A gym membership. Seriously? There are other ways to tell your guy to "go to the gym". For his sake, save it for another day. (Until then, burn calories elsewhere wink, wink).

8. Diamond earrings for you to wear for him. Um... ladies? This is a no-no. While they look pretty on you what benefit does it do for him? Try some lingerie.

7. Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana concert tickets. Save these for your niece.

6. A manicure/pedicure. While we all can't stand when our guy has dirty finger nails, I doubt he would want his nails professionally done. Save this for your best friend and until then, lotion up his hands yourself! I bet he would enjoy that ;-)

5. A SeXy Mens Black Mesh Short. This is just wrong. Very, very wrong.

4. A vegetable platter. Unless there are porn DVD's hidden within the veggies, this is a plain no-no. Questions? See number 9.

3. Viagra. If you're going to go this route, buy porn or attend couples therapy instead (just not on Valentine's Day!).

2. A tattoo of his name somewhere on your body. Hmm... maybe stick with a cute flower or butterfly instead?

A Penis Enlarger. With 3 easy payments of $55, your guy will dump you for sure! This is not a good idea for Valentine's Day (or any other day for that matter!).

Any gift ideas that I'm missing?