Happy Birthday Mom!


isn't she radiant right before her wedding?

with Liam (her grandson) while he's yawning. this picture always makes me smile!

This post is dedicated to my amazing mom who reads this blog on a regular basis. Every time I talk to her she says, "I read your blog today! Great stuff!" She is my biggest supporter and no matter what choices I make - good or bad, she is right behind me. She is the person I call on a daily basis about my successes and failures and provides great insight. Someday, I hope to be at least half of the woman she is while providing love and support to my future children the same way she does to my sisters and I.

Happy birthday, Mom! I hope this one is super and that you pamper yourself today or plan a major shopping trip. I'm sorry I can't be there but I foresee a visit happening very soon! I love and miss you!