Starting My Monday Off Right..

This will be quick because my Audiology class is about to start. I just arrived on campus and parked my car. Before I left the parking lot, I decided to dispose of my banana peel before it rots in my car (which has happened before). I had my banana peel and my iPhone in the same hand and proceeded to drop my iPhone in the trash along with my peel. GROSS! I was then forced to take the lid off of this public trash can and sift through all the wet, gooey trash to finally find my phone. No, it was not happily lying on top. The weight of it forced it to the bottom. My hands and part of my jacket was covered in filth! Luckily when I entered the building, I saw a custodial cart and stole some anti-bacterial spray (well, I hope it was anti-bacterial!) and cleaned my phone and washed my hands.

What a way to start the week off! ;-)