Attention Readers!

Attention readers!

Okay so without going into too much detail (because I personally don't understand this stuff enough to be able to explain it!) I want to tell you that this website MAY be down at some point.

Don't know when or how but please bear with me!

Once it's all figured out, wearingmascara.com will be fully up and running on WordPress.

Make sure that you are following me as:

wearingmascara.com and NOT wearingmascara.blogspot.com

You will ALWAYS be able to access THIS blog on blogger through wearingmascara.blogspot.com BUT I'm leaving blogger and will permanently be updating on wearingmascara.com FOREVER so please make a note of this.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me: wearingmascara at gmail dot com

So, in summary make sure you are following wearingmascara.com