Makeup Confused? Solution Found Here

Obviously since my blog title is Wearing Mascara, it's a good assumption that I love makeup. I also need a little help every now and then with the best products to use and how to apply them. As with any hobby, you can always improve right?

That's where my new favorite makeup website comes in: Glimmer Gloss Glow. I met ForeverApril through Twitter back in January and was always impressed by her tweets about makeup and application. At one point I asked her if she had a blog and she said that she was working on putting up a webzine soon. She successfully launched Glimmer Gloss Glow on Valentine's Day and has been eagerly working on it ever since. Here are the reasons you should visit:

- The website has excellent and honest makeup reviews. (For example: be cautious when trying Urban Decay eye shadow because of the huge clumps of glitter in some of the colors!).

- They feature YouTube makeup guru's teaching you how to apply makeup step-by-step. I have learned SO much by watching these ladies! See an example here.

- They have a forum as well to discuss these topics.

- There is a monthly giveaway! For March they're giving away a MAC Cosmetics giftcard. Awesome right?

So go take a look! I hope you find it as helpful as I do!

hugs and kisses,