Why are we so insecure? Maybe if we were more open we could help each other?

I want to rid myself of my insecurities. This is so personal, but when I get nervous I pick at my skin. I pick at pimples, scars, scabs - you name it. The result of my picking ends in scars on my body. Small scars that I can see and I think other people see. Maybe I'm making that last part up - maybe no one sees? On some days they are more noticeable to me than other days. On those days I feel that there is a huge sign on my arms that says "Here, look! I pick at myself." One time I asked someone who saw my arms daily if they noticed them and they said no. I really wonder if they did or not.

When I get anxious and overwhelmed, I pick over and over. I'm really not asking for help here - I know where to find help about my anxiety. Instead I just want to be open and honest. I want you to know and understand me.

We all have our insecurities. I wish we could all just throw them out there so we all know we're not alone. It's hard as bloggers. Sometimes I wonder if we hide behind our blogs... skimming over the truth and being vague.

No ones life is perfect.