Cute Kid! Can I Test Them?

As part of my psych*logy training, I'm required to assess many kids both in and out of the schools. Each semester we have to assess at least 1-3 kids for an actual report... on our own (aside from the other ones that are assigned to us). This means that I have to find these kids myself which is very challenging considering I did not grow up here in DC. So I have had many conversations like this:

(me meeting my neighbor in the elevator with a kid)

Me: Hi there! How are you?

Parent: Fine. Happy it's Friday.

Me: Me too. She's cute - how old is she?

Parent: 9

Me: Ohh... interesting (wheels start turning in my head about which test would be perfect for her). What grade is she in?

Parent: 3rd...

Me: (this is my in!) Oh? Well, I'm studying school psychology. Can I test her?

Ha... sometimes it's not exactly to straight to the punch like that example, but pretty close especially when I become desperate. Ironically, I am currently desperate and I know those types of conversations will be coming up soon. It's so awkward! "Can I perform a psych*ological test on your kid??"

Weird and awkward. Yea I know, I seem psycho... but I really mean well!


Okay back to doing school work on this Saturday night. My friend is having a party and I'm either gonna miss it or go very late. That makes me unhappy but I only have 2 more months of school and then I can go out as much as I want!