You Love Me

Hey all!

I got two awards recently! YAY!

First, Sweet Bea gave me the Love Ya award! Thanks - love ya too!

Next, Jane from In the Waiting Line gave me the Sexy Blogger Award! Woo-hoo I'm glad someone thinks I'm sexxy ;-)

Since this is a new award for me, I'm actually going to follow the rules (!) which are to list 5 sexy things about myself (or try to!) and pass it on to 5 sexy bloggers. Here ya go:

1. I'm a curvy gal
2. I'm a brunette with silky hair (oo lala)
3. My eyelashes are long and good for winking at you ;-)
4. I laugh too much
5. I have no abs and I find that sexy :-)

Oooo is it gettin' hot in here? Damn nothing like a sexy award to get me feeling good about myself! Anyways, I'm gonna pass this on to 5 other sexy bloggers (which ALL of you are):

1. My sexy pregnant friend Irene who just started blogging. Go visit her blog! It's Visione Bella.
2. My cyber pseduo older sister, Jill over at Peeptoes Pumps and Pearls. Peeptoe shoes are extremely sexy, don't ya think?
3. Mrs. Smith over at Post Smith because she blogged from the bathtub. Nothing is sexier than that!
4. Chic Runner because a blogger who writes about running with as much passion as she does is extremely sexy!
5. Jackie from Always a Northerner because when I first met her in person, I was in awe of her beautiful green coat and her style in general. Can I borrow your wardrobe love?

Have a sexxxy Friday everyone!