Our 3-Year Anniversary!

March 18th is a very important day for Dan and I because it's our anniversary! 3-years ago TODAY we decided to date and for 3-years Dan has successfully put up with my crazy antics. I love him so much and really, that love gets deeper everyday. Wow, I sound so corny!

Anyways, enough word-corniness. Instead, here are some earlier pictures of us for your viewing enjoyment.

The first weekend we met while on the metro

At a bar in Ohio

At Dan's graduation!

This picture always makes me laugh. This is us at the National Zoo and we were sad because it was closing soon and we wanted to stay!

Us at Williamsburg, VA for our first year anniversary (um, I just realized there's a woman behind us with her tongue out)

At Dan's alumni fraternity formal - I still love that dress :-)

Halloween two years ago: Fred and Wilma (kinda a rocker Wilma with PINK hair)

All those pictures make me smile so much and they are just a few of my favorites. Happy 3-year anniversary baby - I love you!