Have a Drink for Me

Hello fabulous people,

As I sit here, I am in the graduate lounge practically buried in assessments... scoring protocols, etc. I am trying to finish scoring a case (the easy part) so I can then muster up the courage to put it all together in one lovely comprehensive report that anyone will be able to read and understand it without any psycho-babble attached.

It's Friday and I wish I was doing what Nina just said on Twitter:

Time to start the transformation from casual-friday-not-so-chic into a tres-chic-cocktail-party-go'er

I wish that I had a regular job, was in regular clothes and I was trying to figure out what to wear for a night out. Instead, I am in crappy jeans and a bright yellow college t-shirt without any mascara planning to get into pj's the second I get home to do more school work.

Sigh... I couldn't even put on mascara today...

This morning, my classmate (who just so happens to be My Skinny Friend Who Doesn't Get Fat) had to present to the first year students (I presented 3-weeks ago) and I had to show up to their class at 10:30 to help with whatever they needed. Instead, I got a frantic phone call from my SFWDGF (Skinny Friend Who Doesn't Get Fat) telling me that she got in a minor accident and needed me to find a towing company for her.

Oh dear...

Anyways, she ended up being an hour and a half late and in the mist of the confusion I couldn't get properly ready for anything. So I have been discombobulated (wow, I typed that and it didn't need spell check) all day.

The one thing I do have to look forward to is tomorrow night is my friends birthday so we're going out. YAY! Actual socialization aside from blogging/Twitter/and my classmates! I feel like an actual human being :-)

Oh May... where are you? I could use you right now. I can't fricken wait for this semester to be over! It's going to be amazing. My classmates (and some fellow bloggers) and I are thinking that in May we'll plan a FULL DAY of drinking starting with Mamosa's. No, I'm not a drunk - just stressed is all. No need to over-react and call a doctor.

Wow, that was such a ramble of a post! Now I need to think of a proper title...

Enjoy your weekend and if you have plans, please have a drink for me :-)