Stupid Questions

Don't you hate it when you're in class and you have that one person who always asks stupid questions?

For example, we are having presentations in my Audi*logy class and this one girl always asks so many questions in every presentation. She picks apart your PowerPoint...

"Um, I don't understand. What does that number mean?"
"How does that make sense with what we learned last week?"
"But what you just said contradicts with the PowerPoint so, um, I don't get it."

The teacher doesn't even ask so many questions! Why are you putting your classmates on the spot? Maybe I feel this way because this class is not that important to me as my other classes but give me a break. If you don't get it, wait after class and talk to the teacher. Maybe I'm sounding rude but whatever.

Btw, I'm usually the one who asks many questions so I'm all about educational, thought-out questions (assuming that mine are) but she is just ridiculous.