Blogging On the Today Show


I really hope that mother nature isn't playing some sick joke on us. Last week it was snowing and school was canceled and this week it's in the 70's? What's up with that? Either way I'm totally loving it even though my mood sometimes doesn't match the weather. There is something about driving to school in the morning with the window down, feeling a cool comforting breeze while listening to your favorite radio show.

Right now, I'm lying stomach down on my bed trying to catch up on the news of the day that I've missed. One thing I missed was that Dooce (Heather Armstrong aka the Goddess of Blogging in my opinion) was on the Today Show. The specific topic covered was "Mom Blogging" but I think it connected to blogging in general. For example, Dooce was inquired about her feelings of posting her daughters picture on the web. I think this is something we all face on a daily basis. What do we post and what don't we post? Where is the line drawn? For me, I am still figuring this all out. I feel that when I started this blog I was one way and now I'm another. You notice that I steer away from even using real first names of people I associate with and I don't add their picture. That may change because I'm still trying to find my voice and how this blog fits into the blogosphere.

Readers and bloggers, where do you draw the line? Do you have rules for what you post or don't post? When you post pictures do you get a verbal approval first from friends and family? I'd be curious to know.

In case you missed it (like me), check out the Today Show's segment on blogging and an interview with Dooce.