My First Group Run

All day, I was planning on doing a "fun run" at a nearby running store and I was so happy I did!

Here's what happened:

I walk into this running store completely nervous and scared for my first run in a group because I typically run by myself. The employees were sitting there chatting and I told them I was there for the "fun run". Honestly, I was intimidated by them when they asked me my "pace". As a new runner, how am I supposed to know? All I know is that I'm S.L.O.W. and that's all you need to know. I guessed and said "Um... 10 or 11?" I was freaking out. I kept looking to the door waiting desperately for someone who was new/slow like me.

Then she walked in. This girl who looked intimidated and nervous in her bright pink running outfit. I knew we'd become instant friends when she said this was her first time and her pace was slow like mine.

Thank the Lord!

The head running-girl explained the route and gave us these cute little laminated direction cards and L (the girl I met) and I nodded our heads like bobble heads. Then, all the sudden they told us to go ahead because we were in the slower paced group. Yikes. Where were we going?

We headed out and our pace matched perfectly. Well, to be honest she was faster than I was so she definitely kept me moving. Our conversation flowed freely and it was so cool to run and talk to someone. I've never done that before!

The run was great even though I took many walking breaks and therefore L stopped too. She was so reassuring that it was okay because without each other, who would we have run with? We needed each other in our pace group!

When we saw the store again it was so amazing. I almost cried. I couldn't believe I did it (even though it was a short run - 3 miles). I also made a new friend out of it and we already have plans to run on Saturday!

L, if you're reading this (she may be since we talked about my blog during the run) thank you for running with me today and I can't wait to do it again soon!



P.S. I'm sure some of you read my Twitter updates today and thank you for your condolences. I'm fine. Just cried in class and about something that was humiliating and really, I just want to put it behind me. School is so hard this semester and I am officially in survival mode (2 more months of class and then internship!).