Okay let me preface this post by saying two things:

1. I may be tipsy right now and

2. I edit well when I'm tipsy but I'm not always careful

Anyways, I have so much to tell you and all of it may be nonsense. Tonight, I decided to head to Dupont Circle to meet some lovely bloggers (including Sweet Bea, The Northerner, Maxie, and LiLu and others).

Right now I'm staying with Dan in VA which is not exactly near a metro so I had him drive me to the metro. I planned on leaving around 5:00 which turned into 5:30 instead because I got in the shower late because I'm a lazy butt. Taking a late shower really screwed me over because I realized I didn't bring hair dryer with me! My solution? Well, as soon as I got out of the shower I went onto the front porch and head banged for a good 15 minutes and even then my hair was not perfect. While head banging, his neighbors across the street were staring at me like I was crazy. Probably true.

Before I put on my makeup, I realized I hadn't given Thurston (my rat) his medication yet for that day. Here's the conversation I had with Dan:

me: "Hey babe can you give Thursty his meds?"

Dan: "No. I can't I'm still getting ready." (remember, he's a guy)

me: "You don't have to put your FACE on and straighten your hair!"

Dan: "I (hesitation I swear) have to go downstairs to find my socks!"

NOT THE SAME THING. Finding your socks is nothing compared to what ladies (like me) do to get ready!

Once I finally arrived to the bar, I realized that the blogger's I was meeting already had some alcohol in them and I had some catching up to do. Let me summarize some of the things I heard from random anonymous bloggers (I got their permission to do this):

- One bloggers husband got arrested in college for stealing a carosel horse off the street (how it got there in the first place, I don't know but REALLY?!) Reminds me of a story book in a weird way.

- Another blogger's "first time" with her husband involved him tearing off her Lilly dress, throwing it on the bathroom floor to which she screamed "You can't do that! It's a Lilly!"

- All the bloggers are met are kinky. We all had great stories to tell!

There was more but now I can't remember them (damnit). I'm sure they'll come to me in my dreams tonight. That typically happens when I'm drinking.

When we left, one blogger had a BRILLIANT IDEA to get Shamrock shakes from McDonalds. I've always heard of these but never did the tradition myself so of course I went along with the idea. These were the best shakes EVER. They seriously made my night and probably my whole year.

Then we went over to another bloggers apartment to wait for our taxi's. Someone knew that DC was having this Sober Ride program where you could get a free taxi ride for $50 or under! Sweet! On the way into her apartment, she told us to be careful about her dog. We looked at her like she was nutso because we have both already met the dog. Apparently since the dog already knows us, she'll pee on us within the first 10 minutes because she'll get excited. This made us crack up for a good 20 minutes.

Now I am back at Dan's house waiting for him to come to bed. The poor guy is sick and missed work today. It doesn't seem like he's doing much better. Have you entered his giveaway yet? You totally should.

Happy St. Patty's Day!

J-sizzle (totally kidding)