Dear Julie at Age 13

Writing prompt from Twenty Something Writers:

If you were able to communicate with your younger self, what would you say? Would you warn yourself of the things that are to come? Would you tell yourself to avoid certain people? Write a letter to yourself at a younger age. Feel free to tell yourself anything that you’d like to. Let us know what age of yourself you are writing to.

Dear Julie at 13,

Hello, this is you writing this letter only at the age of 24 and not 13.

This is going to be the most challenging year of your life: 8th grade. You just moved from Pennsylvania where you felt comfortable, at ease, and had the best of friends. Now you are in Ohio where the people are not the same and your friends aren't there. Here are some tips that I've come up with to help you get through middle school. Hopefully your experiences will be different than mine:

- Provide no reaction to people when they tease you. When you feel the tears coming on stop and walk away.

- Don't try to be friends with people who don't have your best interests or who make fun of you. They are obviously not worth your time.

- Befriend the classmates who are worth your time instead of being afraid of them because you think they're prettier or smarter than you. Don't become friends with someone just because they are convenient.

- I know you don't like the swim team because it's so different than the one in PA but join it anyways. Give it a shot - I'm sure you'll love it.

- Talk to your mother and tell her your honest feelings about school and friendships (or lack of). She will give you excellent advice if you give her the chance.

- Don't call a boy you barely know and ask him out over the phone. Get to know him first.

- Be proud of your body and take care of yourself.

- Continue taking art classes when you get to high school. Choir is fun but you will gain more from art. The choir teacher is nothing special.

- Help your mom around the house more. She does so much for you and you don't reciprocate enough.

- Right now you're not too fond of your older sister who lives in PA. Give her a chance because sooner or later you two will call each other everyday. Maybe she'd love to hear from you.

- Know that middle school does not define you. Nor does high school really. Try to see the future and look beyond.

- You're going to be excellent someday and living a great life in DC for graduate school. Guess what? You're going to be a psych*logist!

Julie, you can take this or leave it. If you take it, always keep this letter with you as reminders. In a way, if you do not take it you won't end up the way I am now. Either way is fine - just don't take anything for granted. Be you.


Julie at 24

Wow. That really felt good to write about that and I'm honestly close to tears right now. My middle school years were the worst. Maybe I'll blog more about that topic another time. I think this was a good start though.

FYI, about my blog transfer it looks like the website won't be down as I said before. It should be taken care of next week at some point so look for that.

BTW, remember how Marc got stolen back in December? Well tonight I parked in my apartment complex relatively close to where my car was parked when it got broken into. After I locked my door and walk to the entrance, I heard a crash which sounded like glass. I looked over and saw two males standing near another car (right where I was parked before!). I starred them down then kept walking. I called 911. Those a-holes! I hope the police caught them. I am nervous now because if they're smart enough (which I doubt) to put two and two together they may know my car. Ugh. I guess I have to be extra careful.

Sleep tight,