Showin' Off the Arms

Hey everyone!

I hope this blog post finds you well. Many of us had the day off (like me!) and for those of you who had to go to work (like Dan!) I'm sorry. Your day will come.

The news is on right now and apparently there has been criticism about Michelle Obama's sleeveless dress that she wore to her hubby's congressional address:

as well as her Vogue cover:

Aren't there better things for us to worry about? First it was Sarah Palin's choice of expensive clothes and now this. Give me a break! In my opinion she looks fantastic - if I had arms like that I would show them off every chance I got. It's not like she's sitting there topless, showing cleavage and/or wearing short skirts showing off her you-know-what. Seriously media and conservative people (I am usually one of them) - lay off! Women should be free to dress as they feel comfortable and appropriate and Michelle looks comfortable and I think she's very appropriate. We're not in the old ages where showing off your ankle was considered slutty.

Besides, doesn't this look familiar?

'Nuff said. What are your thoughts?