Taxes, Running, and Design

Hey everyone!

Thank you so much for your comments last night. I really needed to hear them and I feel a lot better. I do only have 56 more days until this h*ll is over. I just know it's going to be a difficult next couple months. Please stay with me :-)

As for my other post about testing kids, two readers asked what the outcome was. That conversation was just an example of many that I've had in the past year and a half. Most of them end favorably but sometimes they don't because they think I'm strange (haha).

Today I've been busy as usual reading up for tomorrow and getting other things done. I even started my taxes! I was excited about this until I realized:

1. I wasn't getting a refund and

2. I could not complete my taxes because Turbo Tax wouldn't let me pass this one screen because I had a "error". I have no clue how to fix it and I tried every possible option! Why are taxes so damn difficult sometimes? I think next year I'll have to go face-to-face with someone. Ugh.

In addition to doing work all fricken day, I did go for a run to take advantage of the awesome running weather. It was 30 minutes and I did intervals on and off. This was difficult but towards the end I was like "Go me!". At the way end of the 30 minutes, I passed this adorable little family. It was a Dad and his 2 daughters (I'm guessing) and when I passed them they youngest daughter (about 5) held up her arm and gave me a thumbs up! It was all that I needed to complete the last part of my run. How adorable? It's the small things in life, really :-)

In other news my mom decided that she's visiting for my race. I'm so excited and it's just going to make it all the more fun to have both her and Dan there!

My blog is design is finished! One more thing may need to be tweaked but I think (hope) you guys will really enjoy it. I'm thinking it will be up and running by next week along with a very sexy giveaway. Look for a preview of my design soon :-)

Okay it's back to reading for me! Have a great night all :-)