I Think My Rat Has Depression

Yesterday I took my ratties to the vet because Thurston has been breathing heavily and I want to make sure he's okay.


Going to the vet with ratties is always an adventure because people in the waiting room are either freaked out or intrigued. Yesterday I luckily met some intrigued people and realized that Thurston just isn't as friendly as Spencer in social situations or ever. In fact, I think Thurston's depressed although he has come a long way from when I adopted him back in the summer.


I guess this is normal considering Thursty (nickname) was from a family who didn't take good care of him and he was poorly socialized. Poor thing. I find it funny though because Spencer is such a social rat! He loves everyone and even the vet didn't bother him. All he wanted to do was get out of the cage and mingle with new people. This is exactly why I own rats: they have such distinct personalities and yet can be best friends... or play mates:

Spencer usually gets his way when it comes to bossing Thurston around. :-) Oh my boys...