12 Days of Handbags

Hello loves!

I just want to inform you that Purse Blog is teaming up with Luxaholics to bring you 12 Days of Handbag GIVEAWAYS! Please, drop everything and head on over to Purse Blog NOW to register and sign up. You can enter each daily giveaway for a chance to win a designer handbag on each of the 12 days! Seriously people... don't walk, run over there!

On that note, I'm heading over to Dan's for the night. He is making spaghetti and garlic bread (best boyfriend everrrrrr) and we are going to watch the Dark Knight (which just came out on DVD today!).

Speaking of movies, are there any newly released movies on your holiday list this year? These are the only two on mine:

There are others that I want, of course, but these are the two new releases that I wouldn't mind showing up in my stocking this year! Anyways, I am OFF!