Goodbye Marc... It Was Fun While It Lasted... :-(

Hello nice people,

What I love about my blog is that it really shows me that there are many good people out there. The comments I receive along with the encouragement during rough times is amazing to me. Something terrible happened to me last night and I would like to share. Maybe with my experience, it won't happen to you.

8 pm:
Last night, I went out to dinner with Dan's family. Since it was raining, I left Marc in the car and took my ID and credit card in my jeans pocket. While I was there, his grandmother gave me my holiday gift. I was thrilled and she told me to wait to open it on Christmas.

11:30 pm:
When I arrived back at my apartment, it was pouring down rain. I decided to leave Marc in the car so he wouldn't get wet. I also left my gift from Dan's grandma because there was no point in bringing it inside since I was going to take it with me home anyways. Then, I went inside with my ID and credit card still in my pocket, while holding my umbrella.

8:15 am:
This morning, I had a meeting at school. As I was walking towards my car, I could see through my back drivers-side window. I knew something was wrong. As I creeped up closer, I could see from 10 feet away that someone smashed my window in. I took a deep breath, turned around, and told myself to take deep breaths. I told myself to get my roommate, M, as quickly as possible. She was still sleeping and I told her I needed help and someone to think logically. She took my keys and walked down to my car with me.

All the necessary steps were taken (insurance, police, etc) but I doubt I'll be seeing any of my items ever again. Many thanks goes out to M for being there to support me. I could not have survived this morning without her.

What I lost:


- My Coach wallet from Dan
- Cash
- Dan's grandmother's Christmas present
- 3 gift cards
- My favorite lip gloss
- Possibly other items that I haven't noticed yet

I am very upset but also very lucky. It could have been a lot worse. They could have taken more but they didn't. My GPS was even in the glove compartment and the idiots completely missed that (stupid criminals!). I hope Marc is okay. I have a feeling he is homeless on the side of a street somewhere.

Anyways, my plans for the day have obviously changed. I have to clean out my car (all that glass), go get my window replaced, and find my sanity. I am so upset about my purse and the wallet. I am tempted to replace it. I don't know anymore.

I hope your day goes better then mine,