Boyfriend Pressies


I made it back to DC safely last night. Along the way, I stopped in Pittsburgh to visit my grandparents and they are doing well. Then, Dan came over and we opened presents! Here's what I got him:

Dripless Pourer/Stopper from Pampered Chef! I ordered this from the party I went to and bought one for myself as well.

Orange Ginger Mint Tea from The Republic of Tea. Dan always orders this at Panera so I decided to buy him some of his own!

A Crosley Rochester Radio/CD/Tape/Record player! He loves old time radio's so I thought this would look perfect in his new house (I think the color I bought is different than this picture - his is more cherry wood)

I also got him an electronic dart board that I wasn't planning on getting him but I saw it on sale for SUPER cheap so I bought it on a whim (hopefully it works! ha!). Also, I had this cute picture of us from the Renaissance Festival and I gave it to him in a frame. He loved it ALL! :-) I am such a good girlfriend - not to toot my own horn or anything ;-)

Now, what did he get me? Here ya go:

Catch Phrase! I love this game and I am ALL about game nights with friends so this was perfect. I have never owned one myself and it's one of my favorite games!

The Sex and the City movie! Dan knows me so well! But, wait... this movie is just NOT comeplete without the...

SEX AND THE CITY COMPLETE SERIES! You guys, it is so pretty. It's so pretty that I want to hang it on the wall in the beautiful plastic case that it came in. I'm usually not a fan of pink, but it's like pink velvet!

Okay well I have to go and clean because I am having a possible sublet come to look at the apartment. M moved out recently to go travel (sadness!) so we need someone else until May. Tonight, I am going to Dan's house because he and his roommates are having a New Years Eve party. Oh and I got a phone call from my sister last night. She told me that I left my straightener in Ohio! I am so upset :-( I guess I have to go curly tonight? Oh how I miss my Chi Straightener!

I hope you all have a fantastic time tonight! This may be my last post of 2008 (eek!) so if you don't hear from me - see you next year!