Sick Me and Sick Rat

Hi everyone,

I'm not having the greatest night so I apologize for my sulking. I am hoping at some point, all my posts will be positive. I am in the mist of packing for Ohio tomorrow while becoming more sick by the minute. Poor Dan is out at CVS filling my prescription for birth control (he is the best boyfriend!) and getting some nyquil/dayquil. On top of that, I picked up my rat Kilo, and it is evident that he has a tumor. How did I not notice this before? It's huge. Maybe since it's so big it looked like his fat? I am not sure. I am just super depressed now. When are my troubles going to end? Now I am considering going to the vet tonight. My poor Kilo :-(

Kilo enjoying himself on a recent birthday

If anyone out there has ever dealt with rattie tumors, please email me tonight.