Going Away Party

Hello everyone!

It's Saturday morning and I *still* have school work left. But, before I finish that, I want to give you a run down of my night last night. First, as you know, I was extremely happy about my new Marc, so I proudly wore him as I went to my friend Dee's going away party (*sniffle*). Here are some pictures:

The party was held at her house so we took our shoes off, however, she had slippers for us to wear! How fun! (mine are the flip-flops!) Such a fun idea :-)

She is moving to Colorado so she had CO postcards with her new address on the back for everyone to take home. SUCH a cute idea that I will have to steal when I move.

Of course, no party is complete without the grub!

My friend Pri got a cupcake. Then, she took off the bottom part and put it on top like a little sandwich. HA! Loved this and told her I would put it on my blog.

As you can see, it was a great party! Sadly though, my roommate was ALSO having a party that night as well (in DC... Dee's was in VA). Dan and I wanted to go to both, but later in the night, Dan's back started hurting (he has terrible back problems... like a disc displacement or something), so we decided to go home after all was said and done. :-(

Oh! And Marc was a great hit! I left him in the coat room but throughout the night, I would bring a friend or two in to meet him (I'm such a nerd) and they thought he was gorgeous! YAY!

Well, time to get to work. Dan is in the kitchen making something (possibly for breakfast?). He got out of bed and told me he would be right back... then he came back and has been in the kitchen ever since. I am HOPING he is making pancakes (a girl can dream right?). I think it's pancakes because when he came in, I saw a glimpse of syrup... mmmm...

Have a GREAT Saturday! :-)

Julie aka Miss Mascara (ha!)