Exhausted and A Crisis

Hey everyone,

Right now, I am sitting on one of my comfortable chairs in my family room and I would like to tell you about my day.

The day started off early (as usual) and I drove to Baltimore in sprinkling rain. Not my kinda thing. I arrived late because there was tons of traffic. Basically, when it's raining in the DC area, people forget how to drive (I'm sure my fellow DC bloggers's can attest to that!). Today was super busy and I barely sat down. I had a full list of things to do and it seemed like every time I would accomplish one thing, something else would come up. I barely had time to eat lunch (also usual). Today was just one of those days that I wish I wore my Uggs and not heels.

I was also looking forward to going out to dinner with Brandi and my friend R. However, I received a shocking email from R this morning that went something like this:

"Hey, I can't do dinner tonight because my apartment burned down."

WHAT?! I freaked out. I emailed her back and forth all day about her situation. Basically, her roommate was cooking (vegetable oil) and caught some oil on fire! As a result of that, there is also water all over her apartment now. Ugh, my poor friend :-( Luckily, the apartment gave her a new unit to stay in tonight because their apartment is unlivable right now. Please keep her and her roommate in your thoughts and prayers!

So, tonight instead of going out to dinner, my roommate, M, and I are ordering Chinese. It is her birthday today (HAPPY BIRTHDAY M!) and we are going out tomorrow night in DC to celebrate.

Anyways, I hope you all are well! I'm utterly exhausted and plan on getting to bed EARLY tonight!