BACK and Ready for Cyber Monday

Hello all!

I just wanted to post quickly and say HELLO! I just got back from Pittsburgh and it took Dan and I FOREVER to drive back! Hello, TRAFFIC! Now, we aren't stupid... we knew that we would be caught in traffic (holiday weekend + Sunday + big city = disaster), but it took us almost 7-hours to get back and it's normally a 3.5-hour trip. Also, it was raining the whole time so it wasn't a great time. But, traffic aside, I had a great time with my boyfriend and my family :-) I will do a Pittsburghese post tomorrow.

The next item on this posts' agenda is: Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday is basically, Black Friday only online. Cyber Monday will start in 15 minutes (which means I need to finish this post fast so I can check out the deals!).

I am sorry for this quick post! Please forgive me :-) I also have a ton of work to catch up on for tomorrow (yes, I realize it's 11:47 pm) and I need to get to that. Oh, and I really hope it continues to rain tomorrow so I can wear my yellow wellies (is that strange?).