Philadelphia Possibility

Hello everyone!

GREAT news! I am officially done with school for the semester! NOTHING is left to do! Zero, zip! I am thrilled :-) Also, my grades weren't that bad: A, A, A-, B, B. I wish I could have gotten straight A's, but maybe that will be reserved for next semester (my last semester of classes).

Anyways, remember how I have internship next year? Well, I am actively applying and here are some location possibilities (as of now, these could change!):

Philadelphia, PA (I know there are a lot of Phillie bloggers out there!):

Pittsburgh, PA (my home town):

Boston, MA
Cave Springs, GA (random town... I don't know a lot about it):

This is good because before, I was kinda all over the place with where I wanted to apply. The way it's looking now is that I predict I will end up in PA. I am hoping for Phillie just because I think it is a really awesome city and I would only be 2-hours away from DC and 6-hours from Ohio.

Anyways, I'm going to go back to cleaning. This week is all about: packing, cleaning, and preparing gifts! I hope everyone has a great Monday!