Books Galore


Well, this morning I woke up with a cold... or something where my nose is running and my eyes are watering. Either way, I am happy because I just called the library and they have two books that I am looking to read while I am gone for the holidays! Here they are:

Remember how my roommate is moving out? Well, she let me borrow her book and I only got halfway through this week. She is leaving tomorrow (*tear!*) and obviously wants it back. I am picking it up at the library today so I can finish it! It's so good so far with very complex characters. I definitely recommend it!

I am also going to read Jennifer Weiner's follow-up novel to "Good in Bed". "Certain Girls" will be a sure HIT in my book! I am excited to read it. If you need a good book, definitely pick up "Good in Bed" and then read this one.

I am a huge Nicholas Sparks fan (as most girls are!) and I can't wait to pick up his latest book. It's obviously a hot want though so I am on the library waiting list. Has anyone read it yet?

Oh and I want to recommend to you an audio book. I know many of you are traveling for the holidays and are looking for a good one. I love audio books but I am extremely picky because if the narrator is bad, then I can't listen to it! Anyways, if you are looking for a light, funny, and interesting audio book, look no further than "Confessions of a Shopaholic".

This book and most the books in Sophia Kinsella's series are hilarious! I haven't read them all yet, but I think I may pick one up for my trip to St. Louis. Also, once you read or listen to those, look forward to the MOVIE that is coming out on February 13, 2009! Here is the teaser trailer (doesn't it look good!?):