Relaxing, Jeans, Cookies, and Marc

Hello readers near and far!

Right now, I am completely relaxed and it's amazing. My LAST DAY OF CLASS was yesterday! No more classes for Miss Mascara (haha I kinda like that...). This means I have more time for:

- blogging
- Dan (bf)
- holiday shopping
- my ratties
- reading (I need some good book suggestions...)
- catching up on Gossip Girl and the Hills

I am not completely done with school for the semester, but no more all-nighters for me because my work is on MY time now! Woo-hoo!

In other news, Dan and I met at Tyson's last night for some shopping. My goal: Find jeans that fit me. Basically, this whole semester I have been wearing jeans that are way to big for my butt, simply put. NONE of my jeans fit me anymore. I guess I lost weight? Not sure but I certainly wasn't following what I was eating this semester! I guess I was on the I-had-too-much-work-that-I-forgot-to-eat-diet? Here's what it entailed:

- Being so busy that I forgot to eat
- Being so busy that I didn't have time to go to the grocery store
- Remembering I have to eat, so I had a slice of pizza for it's convenience
- An occasional glass of wine (or two)

Hmm... well, it may not be the healthiest diet, but it worked! I went down a size in jeans! From this point on, I am going to try to eat healthier and just watch my portions. If I learned anything from Weight Watchers last year, it was: Watch your portions.

So, I bought two pairs of jeans from Nordies. The good news is that Nordstrom's is having 30% off denim sale in their stores! This goes until Sunday! I was rather excited about this. Oh and while I was at Nordstrom's, I obviously had to visit Marc to say hello:

Hello, Marc... How are you?

I love the black!

Dan also had some nice finds yesterday at Banana Republic (he has an excellent fashion sense!) They are having a sale on sweaters (40% off) and he got some really cute ones! I especially liked the dark green sweater he scored (I picked it out of course). After shopping, we went to Gordon Biersch and met our awesome friend B for drinks. If you go there and like beer, have their Winter blend.. it's so yummy and sweet! A good time was had by all :-)

Tonight, my good friend M is having a simple birthday party which will include: a small number of friends, pj's, and holiday cookie baking! This will be a perfect ladies night and I can't wait! Soon, I am going shopping for ingredients with Brandi. This should be interesting and I am looking forward to learning about vegan cookie making from her!

I hope everyone has a fantastic Saturday!


Julie aka Miss Mascara (hehe)