Yes, I am Still Awake

Hello again (you thought I went to sleep, right?),

Here is what has happened this my most recent post:

- My roommate and I ordered Chinese. While waiting for the Chinese to arrive, I literally fell asleep on my couch and woke up startled when M asked to bring her the money for the delivery guy.

- I ordered teriyaki chicken but instead, got BEEF teriyaki on sticks on top of rice (instead of the rice being in a cute Chinese container). I guess they thought I wanted the appetizer? Anyways, this did not make me happy. FAIL.

- Luckily, I got wonton soup and two egg rolls. The soup was good and so was one of the egg rolls. The other was not good. FAIL.

- Also, the Chinese take-out place did not provide us with fortune cookies. This is a big "no-no" in my book and therefore, I will never order from there again. (Anyone else with me on this? I need something sweet after Chinese!) FAIL.

- After munching down on Chinese, I then looked around at all your lovely blogs (and commented on some!). Then, somehow I fell asleep on the coach (this was around 8:30). Then, I woke up around 11.

- It took me awhile to wake up and frankly, I am still exhausted. However, I got up anyways and cleaned out my ratties cages. I sense that they are mad at me for being a disgruntled graduate student and never remembering to clean out their cages. Now, I hope they are happy. I even cut up a new (new for them, old and does not fit for me!) shirt for them to use as a hammock. Man, I spoil them!

- Then, I took a shower. In the shower, I had two thoughts:

1. I remembered that I received an email from Shop Bop telling me that they shipped my recent purchase. Then, I recalled seeing a "you have a shipment" sticker on my mailbox this evening (but I could not pick it up because the office was closed). I know this is sad, but I just put two and two together while I was taking a shower - my new MARC must be waiting for me! I checked my email again, checked the tracking number, and sure enough - DELIVERED! SQUEAL! :-) This makes me so excited because I have two parties to go to tomorrow. I hope it doesn't rain tomorrow night so I can wear my Marc with pride :-)

2. Considering I have two parties tomorrow night and have been in constant awe of Gwen's ever-changing nail color, I need to paint my nails. Maybe I'll do it when I am done posting or maybe I'll wait for tomorrow.

Well, those are my random tid-bits. If you have read through to this point, I thank you! I am off to bed now :-)



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