Pittsburgh and Marc Jacobs

Hello loves!

I am still extremely stressed out, although my semester is *almost* over. I just have 2-3 projects/presentations left and I am finishing up my practicum hours in Baltimore (that will go until the 15th) which will still involve some outside work in itself.

I forgot to tell you about my past weekend in Pittsburgh! As most of you now, I was born and raised there and just love it. Dan and I arrived on Saturday night and had dinner with my Aunt C and two cousins, A and A (boy and girl). We went to the Church Brewery and it was amazing! It's an actual old church that was turned into a brewery. The food and beer were both yummy and I completely recommend this place if you want a fun atmosphere! After dinner, I took Dan to go see the Duquesne Incline (a city favorite... if you visit Pittsburgh, you must go!). The views were amazing and it was rather romantic ;-) On Sunday, Dan and I met some extended family and my dad and little sister V for lunch at my grandparents retirement home. I'm not going to lie to you - it was depressing visiting them and I don't really want to go in depth on this post. After lunch, we went over to their house to look at their stuff... aka, I went through and took inventory of all my grandmother's jewelry. I took pictures of everything so there are records of it. Let me tell you... my grandmother has a sense of style! She has SO many timeless pieces that I bet are in antique books everywhere.

Even though I have been so busy, I have been wanting to shop, shop, shop! Maybe it's a coping mechanism? Maybe it's because of the recent Black Friday/Cyber Monday madness? Not sure. What I do know is that I keep going back to these websites for deals, although I have not purchased ANYTHING (I know, right?!):

Piper Lime

Please note that I don't normally shop at these websites - only if they have great deals/sales which they do now! What's also funny is that even though I LOVE shopping, I am frugal (I get it from my mother). When I buy something expensive, it takes me awhile to get over the fact that I spent money. I just have to reassure myself that I:

a) deserve stuff (clothes... I need clothes people!)
b) can afford it, especially great deals like $15 shirts at Nordies!

With that said, I want to share my Holiday Marc Jacobs Wish List (which, will be brief because I don't want a lot!). I will be listing stuff that I do not expect to receive, but none-the-less, I am yearning after. I just keep going back to his stuff... I love him!

- A Marc by Marc Jacobs purse (some examples):

Totally Turnlock Mini Quinn (elderberry but I would LOVE it in grape or green, but I would accept elderberry too because it's on sale!)

I like it in black too... although I already have a black bag... but it IS patent leather - not regular!

Totally Turnlock Faridah... I like the red but I LOVE the green and purple ones! I couldn't find any online. I think you can only buy them in the stores now. I think purple would be so pretty! Anything purple of Marc by Marc Jacobs is lovely! (green too, but I have so much green - maybe a green clutch would be nice though!)

- Perfume:

I just knew I would fall in love with the Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume (the website is really cute!) and I totally did! I got a free sample from Sephora and wear it all the time!

That is all for now! I will be back tomorrow (hopefully!). Thanks to all of you for sticking by me and for the sweet comments! :-)