Holiday Agenda

Hello folks,

I hope your weekend has been as great as mine has been! As my semester is *finally* winding down, I can now look forward to what's ahead. Tonight, I am going to the mall (yay holiday hours!) to stop by Sephora to use a coupon and buy a gift. Then, I'm going to Target to buy some other gifts (which I won't mention them here just in case people are reading my blog!) and wrapping paper. I am determined to wrap neatly. Absolutely determined.

Since I am looking ahead now, I would like to share my tentative holiday plans:

On December 20th (or whenever all of my gifts arrive in the mail!) I will be driving to Ohio to be with the family. On the way there, I plan to stop in Pittsburgh to visit my grandparents.

On December 22nd my family and I are driving to St. Louis to visit extended family (Grandma and Grandpa, aunts, cousins, etc).

On December 27th, we are driving back to Ohio.

On December 28th, I am meeting two of my best friends for lunch! (I hardly ever see them!)

After that, I have nada clue what I am doing other than I would prefer not to go out for New Years Eve and instead stay in with Dan or go to a relaxed party. What are your plans?

I must say that I am very excited over the gifts I have gotten people this year. I am also bummed that I cannot share them with you because my family may be reading! Oh well... I promise that after the holidays, I will share what I bought. Also, since I will be in St. Louis for 5 days, I just know I will have to become a "mobile-blogging-pro" on my iPhone. I will probably have some test posts up until then so stay tuned.

Have a great Sunday night!