My First Marc (Yes, I am Smiling!)

Hello everyone!

Okay I have not mentioned this yet, but I have been eyeing this one Marc by Marc Jacobs Handbag in black:

It's the Marc by Marc Jacobs Punk Posh Convertible Clutch. Anyways, I have seen it on ShopBop and then, it was randomly marked down 50% off! You all KNOW how much I love my Marc Jacobs and yet I do not own anything from him. NOTHING. Zero. Zip. Well, that all changed today my friends. This morning, I went to their website and it was not there anymore! Only the brown was there! I like brown, but I like black better so I was depressed... for like a full 2-hours. I even shared my depression with M (she owns two Marc's herself) and she completely understood. Later on, I went back on the website and it was back! Woo-hoo! So, after more contemplation with both M and Dan (he did not agree about my purse obsession), I took the plunge and bought my first Marc! It was so cheap for a designer purse that I had to buy it and it's so perfect for my first Marc - so cute and innocent. Also, it will go with everything and it's convertible! You can take off the straps and turn it into a clutch - SO chick! :-)

Oddly enough, right after I bought the purse, I went back to the website (to find a picture for this post) and the black was sold out! Did I score the last one? Wow! I am so happy I bought it! If you're interested, maybe it will come back like it did for me. Keep checking!

BTW, the brown one is still there if you're interested. The bag looks kinda small, but it really isn't (as you can see from my iPhone photo above from seeing it at Nordies). Good luck and let me know if you take the plunge! :-)



P.S. Sephora is having free shipping through Monday. It's a great way to buy makeup for gifts without braving the mall!