It's Looking Up: Meet Marc's Twin Brother

Hello everyone!

Yesterday was such a long day for me. Again, thank you for all the comments and the ones I received today as well! It gives me so much hope. Dan and I were talking yesterday and we both hope that whoever broke into my car really needed the money. I truly hope that it was a parent and they needed the money for a very important thing (presents for their kids, medicine, etc). That's what is getting me through this so with that, please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

So, after the whole ordeal (and right after I posted about it), I proceeded to clean up this whole mess. I went out to my car and took out everything (which was difficult considering there was glass everywhere!). I had a 2:30 appointment with the car glass place and with everything going on in my head, I completely lost track of time and did not end up there until 3. Ugh. When I arrived, I apologized profusely but the guy there just told me that he would work on my car but if others come in "on-time" he would have to work on theirs. Now, I completely agree, if I am late, bump me back. But, he basically did not even START to work on my car until 5:15. Then, around 5:45 (you won't believe this), he told me that GEICO sent a DEFECTIVE piece of glass. I go over to my car and there is a new piece of glass in my door, WITH A HOLE in it! Obviously, I was very upset. I told him that I wasted 3-hours waiting around and they couldn't even CHECK TO MAKE SURE THE PART WAS CORRECT? That takes like 5 minutes. So, he ended up putting PLASTIC (so classy!) over the hole and told me to come back tomorrow. I started tearing up. My list of things to-do is just so long and I wasted 3-hours yesterday PLUS an hour today.

After the car place, I raced home and headed to Tyson's to meet my friends R and L for dinner at the Cheesecake Factory (yum!). However, before I met them, I made a LITTLE detour and I picked up MARC'S TWIN BROTHER! His name is Marc too (although Dan wants to call him Marcy-Marc for distinction) and he looks exactly the same as my other Marc! I found him $4 cheaper at Cusp. Yesterday morning, everyone was telling me to replace him (even you guys!). I even called my dad and HE (out of all people) told me to replace him, so I did (although I can't really afford him. ha.).

Then I raced over to the Cheesecake Factory. I love R and L, we always have great conversations! My friend R even gave me a cute holiday gift of different shower gels from the Body Shop! This seriously made my day, especially after the day I had!

Then, I went to Dan's house to stay over for the night. I love him so much. He really has been there for me thick and thin since this whole ordeal happened (and other times too of course!). He even was trying to "raise" money from his relatives and my relatives for a new Marc for me! That is until I told him my plans to buy a new one. :-)

Now, I just got back from the car place and it's just like new. Added bonus: It's clean too! I just need to wipe down the interior and then it will be perfect! Today, I have tons of things to take care of. I can't even list them now because it's so much. I hope you all have a GREAT DAY!

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