Recipe for a Fun Cookie Night!


I just got back from M's house for her Cookie Exchange/Birthday Party and it was delightful! Here is the recipe for a successful/fun party with a few girl friends:

Have tons of food!

Wear your favorite Christmas booties! I got these two Christmas's ago from Dan's sister-in-law... FAB! (there is a hole in them though, I must wear them too much! Oh well, love them anyways!)

Give a cute birthday card!

Wine and candy canes... always a good idea!

Get your hands dirty like Miss Brandi is doing here (making banana bread!)

Bring frosting to decorate in some of your favorite colors! I brought red, green, purple, and orange! I made this cookie for my blog readers - too bad I can't make a ton and send them to everyone! :-)

Be a super hostess (like M) and provide holiday bags for guests to take their cookies home in!

Pets are always welcome. This is M's rabbit, Cubby. :-)

I hope everyone had a great night! I'm off to bed - sleep well!