A Burn and Weekend Plans

Happy Friday everyone!

Today has been crazy! I've been running around collecting things I need for classes (books, supplies, my sanity, etc) and now I'm starving! I think I'll have a banana after this post.

Last night I went over to Dan's to cook. The poor guy burnt his hand on a tray (that was 400 degrees) because he thought it was cool. Head on over to his blog to send your condolences. It was not pretty! Despite his injury, he did buy me a cute treat for Valentine's Day coming up:

Gotta love him! :-)

This weekend is super jam packed for me! Tonight, I am just hanging out with Dan but also probably doing some school work. Tomorrow morning I have a SWING DANCE class with Dan and his parents. I am excited but it's important for you to know that while I love to dance, I suck at it. Dan is an excellent dancer (has won awards) and will show me up. After that, I have to run (ha! If I recover from the dance class) and then I'm going to the DC blog meet-up! Meeting you lovely DC ladies will be swell I'm sure. I can't wait! Oh and if I show up in a leg cast from my dance class, I appoligize now. ;-)

Now, for Sunday. Sunday is the SUPERBOWL (as you all know) and I will be bleeding my black and gold to show my undying support for the Pittsburgh Steelers. My friends K and G are having a party and it's going to be great. After that, I suspect I'll be doing homework and/or procrastinating.

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