2009, Gifts, and DC Blog Meetup!

Hello 2009!

How is everyone? I have been reading some lovely posts about your resolutions and New Years Eve festivities! It sounds like everyone had a rockin' good time!

Last night was great! I went over to Dan's party and we hung out with some close friends and even made some new ones. I drank but my goal was to not wake up with a hangover and I was successful! I have the worst hangovers if I don't watch myself. Sadly though, Dan got sick last night (sinus infection?) and he is still sick now. So, we had a low-key day. We watched movies and then went over to his parents house for New Years Day supper. It was delicious and his mom even let me take home some leftovers (yay!). His family and I also exchanged presents! They bought me Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfume and Victoria Secret Jammies! I am super excited! I am so lucky to have them in my life.
I cannot believe it's already 2009! There are many exciting things that I hope to achieve within this year:

- Be DONE with classes and therefore start my internship (August maybe)
- Run the Cherry Blossom with Brandi and Mrs. Stiletto's
- Grow in my relationship with Dan
- Plan a vacation (Alaskan cruise maybe?) with Dan
- Save more money
- REDESIGN my blog (more later!)
- Spend more time with friends
- Read more for leisure and not just for school

Also, are you a DC/MD/VA blogger? If so, PLEASE visit Nautical by Nature. Kate is graciously organizing a blog meetup! She has set-up a poll where we can vote for the best day.

I think that's all for now. I am typing on Dan's computer so it's awkward for me (ha, I miss my mac!).

Sweet dreams,