17 Days

Hello my friends,

I have 17 days left until school starts again. That means more time for:

I really want to redesign my blog. I feel that it is not vibrant enough and the space just does not make me smile enough. I need something that feels at home, is chick, and simple. I am in talks with a few designers and I hope to have something rolling soon once I make a decision (which is hard because I am indecisive).

I am inspired. Completely inspired by blogging you guys - it's unreal. I made a decision recently: I want to learn PhotoShop. There are a few bloggers (you know who you are!) who have inspired me to do this (as well as a few real life friends and family). Why do I want to do this? Well, I am extremely interested in expanding photography editing as well as working on other graphics (maybe someday I could design my OWN blog!). Either way, I just feel that Photoshop is the answer to all of my possible "wants". So, this spring I am going to sign up to take a Photoshop class that is being offered at my school once a week. This is a stretch for me considering I will also be carrying a full graduate load and training for the Cherry Blossom but I need a creative outlet badly and what better time is now? Once I see if I like it, then I will buy it (or save money for it!).

I need to clean and purge many items that I own. I need to be simple - I don't need so much stuff! Also, I plan to move out at the end of May so it will be so much easier if I already do not have so much stuff!

A Comprehensive Exam
This one I am not too excited about but it has to get done so I am adding it. I have to do this by January 21st (the first day of class) at noon. Then that's my last graduate school comp! Woot!

I have mentioned this before but before I start my formal Cherry Blossom training on January 26th, I need to start walking or something. I especially need to lift weights and work on strength training.

Hopefully I can focus on these five items before school starts back up.

In other news, tonight my friend E and I went to see Seven Pounds. All I gotta say is: GO SEE IT! I was great and very confusing at the beginning but kept our interest and curiosity throughout the whole movie.

Well I'm going to go hang out with Dan. He is still sick (poor guy). I hope you all have a great night!