Giant Jewelry

Yesterday, I got a pretty hilarious comment from one of my loyal readers, jlc from French Kiss.

She wrote:

"This has nothing to do with your post but can I tell you how much I appreciate the fact you put 'giant jewelry' as one of your interests????

Love it!!"

Thank you for your comment jlc! If you haven't checked out her blog, go now! You will love it - as I do. Here's my explanation: All my life, I have been exposed to "giant jewelry" as evidenced by pieces like this:





and this (as well as tons more!):

Who is the culprit? This extravagant lady:

That's right! My Bube (grandma) Shirley. All the pictures above are when we took pictures of all her jewelry (for her records) and wow she has a ton! That's where I get my love for giant jewelry! (Ha! It all makes sense now!)