BIC, Wallet, Weekend Plans


I am starting off this post without really knowing where I'm going to go with it. I am still in my Blog Identity Crisis (or BIC as my real-life friend and fellow blogger, Brandi calls it).

I'm not sure if you guys recently read my comments section of my recent post, but my mother and sister both left hilarious comments that really made me smile. They both think I should keep the name, Wearing Mascara because it's been successful so far. I guess I am still in the exploration phase but now I am considering keeping it. I even just got off the phone with my mom (who has her MBA) and I was like, "Mom, think MBA-wise... like Wearing Mascara is a brand."

Mom: "I WAS thinking that way when I commented."

Haha.. I love her so much! She always talks about how she wants to start a blog of her own. Maybe I should let her guest post on this blog? I know you would all love her - she is hilarious and doesn't hold back.

In other news, MY COACH WALLET HAS BEEN FOUND. What? Who? Me? Huh?

Oh yes my friends! Let me back up... on the way back from St. Louis (yes I know, awhile ago), I got a phone call from a very nice man. He told me that he was taking an after Christmas walk with his family and they found my wallet in the woods near my house. We've been talking back and forth about a good time for me to pick it up and I think that will be tonight (Dan is definitely coming with me!)! He said the wallet is in "good" condition with the exception of a bite mark (?). So, maybe it's not in the best condition? Not sure. Either way, this is a great ending - at least it gives me some type of conclusion.

Tonight, my handsome Irish boyfriend (who I have known for 3-years January 7th! that's when we met... yes :)) and I are going to see The Case of Benjamin Button. I really just want to say Benny Button (haha). I have heard marvelous things about this movie and have been really wanting to see it!

In other news, my weekend is going to be fabulous! Here are my plans:

- Tonight going to a movie with Dan
- Tomorrow night going to a White Elephant Gift exchange that my friend S is having. The shopping limit was $15 and MAN oh MAN does that go a long way after the holidays! I got the best gift ever - or maybe I'm just being too egotistical? Either way, whoever gets my gift is lucky :-) Hehe
- Sunday night, my friend T is making Dan and his roommates dinner and I'm making brownies and a possible side dish. She recently moved out of her old place and his roommates graciously helped her move (such nice dudes! gotta love 'em).

Also on my plate is more brainstorming about my blog, cleaning, purging my clothes, and other tid-bits. Last night I started going through my clothes to donate and I already have a full trash bag! It feels so good though!

Well kittens, I hope your day is fulfilled. I also want to thank you all again for being such loyal readers. I appreciate your comments more than you know!