Shiva for Grandpa

Hello and happy Friday!

I am posting on my iPhone again. Look at me being all mobile :-)

Yesterday was very difficult but I am happy that my grandfather is at
peace and died so peacefully in his sleep. Isn't that how most of us
want to go? The hard part is that my grandmother was left behind.
She's the one with progressing Alzheimer's and yesterday she kept
forgetting that Larry (my grandpa) died. I think she forgot about 10
times and said "Where is Larry? Is Larry dead?" Then once we told her
it was like her finding out for the first time all over again. I can't
link this because I am posting mobilely, but I wrote a post a couple
months ago about them and their love. They had such an amazing
marriage - like newlyweds all the way until the end. I actually found
out yesterday that he wrote her love letters during their whole
marriage. I hope that we can find those someday! I also hope that when
I get married, I have a love and connection like they did. I wish the
same for all of you as well.

Today, we are sitting Shiva and mourning his death which in Jewish
tradition is 7 days but we are sticking to 3 days. Soon, I will be
heading back to Ohio.

About the picture: my cousins Alyse, Cassie, Max, and Adam were eating
and playing with clemintine's. We find joy in peeling them into spiral
shapes. :-)

Well I will leave you now. Thank you for all the amazing comments and
support. Also, special thanks to Alex for her very informative guest
post earlier today! If you haven't read it yet, see below.



P.S. To respond to one if the comments: I am posting from my iPhone by
using email. I am emailing to an address I set-up through blogger
settings. I will go more in depth when I get home.