Ultimate Lux Inspired by Holly Golightly

Growing up, I remember watching old movies with fabulous movie stars. Most of them went to bed wearing sleep masks. From a little girls eyes, they are the ultimate luxury.

Holly Golightly

I recently came across these babies from Urban Outfitters:

Isn't this Mary Green Sleep Mask adorable? They are only $12.99 at Urban Outfitters and you can also buy them like this:

Do they remind you of Holly Golightly?

By the way, I was looking on Urban Outfitters because I am on the hunt for cute, yet inexpensive ear muffs. Do you have any ideas?

I was thinking about these from Victoria Secret:

They are Faux Fur ear muffs (in purple) for only $18.99. What do you think? These would strictly be for school and going out. I recently bought a Nike Thermal Run Headband for running outside so I have that covered.

Oh and stay tuned because I will soon be having a guest blogger talk about running outside. With the weather becoming so frigid, I know many of us are clueless (me included!). That should be coming up soon.