Nordstrom Diaries

As you all know, I'm a huge Nordstrom fan - with caution. I love their stuff (who doesn't) and love them more when they have sales. For me, quality beats quantity and customer service should prevail.

Back in December, my butt was sagging... well, not really my butt, but my jeans. They were too big on me to the point of embarrassment. I knew it was time - time for new jeans. After a recommendation from my friend, M, I decided to visit Nordstrom's at Tyson's Corner. To my utter astonishment, they were having a sale of 30% off denim! With the help of a friendly jeanspert (jean's expert), I was hooked on two pairs of jeans in the dressing room: Citizens of Humanity and Joe's. They both fit me so well although I was hesitant about the Joe's. You see, when I was trying on a pair, the button popped off! My thoughts? It was just one time with one defective pair. No worries - I bought them both.

Fast forward to News Years Day. I was putting on my Joe's jeans at Dan's house and - uh oh - the button popped off! This week, I brought them back to a Nordstrom's at Columbia Mall. The jeanspert was not as nice as the one at Tyson's (tsk tsk) and just did an even exchange without doing much "customer service", if you know what I mean. She didn't recommend I try them on even though I said they looked different and were longer than the other ones. She said they would be "fine". I left very pissy and tried them on at home. My suspicions were correct: they did not fit right at all.

So, today, I went to the Nordstrom's at Montgomery Mall (yea, I know I have like 80 Nordstrom's near my house). The jeanspert there was wonderful! They did not carry the exact Joe's jean (not like I wanted them anyways) so she had me try on tons of different brands. I fell in love with J Brand (like Julie - totally meant to be!) and promptly went to do my exchange. To my disappointment, they wouldn't honor the original 30% off of denim sale that they had back in December. I paid the difference anyways (which was substantial) and went home not quite feeling right. When I got home, I decided to call the same Nordstrom's and spoke with a manager. She was so sweet and told me she would honor the sale and completely understood. My visa has been refunded and she's sending me the receipt in the mail. Now that's customer service! If only that girl over at Columbia Mall would have been so nice too.