Pillow Barrier

I love to cuddle. Who doesn't? I think cuddling makes any relationship stronger.

When Dan comes over, or I stay at his house, we have a little problem: The Pillow Barrier.

What is this you ask? Well, when I wake up in the morning - excited to cuddle - there is a pillow in between us. Like a line young siblings draw to separate their sides of a shared room. Dan swears it's not his fault.

Oh, but it is Dan, it is. You see, Dan likes to cuddle with a pillow at nighttime and this is where we differ. I like one pillow. Just one that lies beneath my head. Call me simplistic maybe but one pillow will do. Dan, on the other hand, has to have layers upon layers of pillows. Pillows that we simply don't need and pillows that I end up throwing off my side anyways. Why does he need so many and why cuddle with a pillow when he has me? I'm soft! I'm cuddly! Sometimes, I get purely jealous of his plaid pillow. In my half-asleep daze in the morning, I just want to easily cuddle with Dan without taking the time and energy to move the Pillow Barrier (especially since I haven't had my morning coffee yet).

Dan needs to get over his pillow relationship so then maybe we can wake up without the Pillow Barrier. Or, he needs to reserve it for when I'm not there. It's nonsense! I just want to cuddle 'cause I love him!

Does anyone else have a similar problem? ;-)


*UPDATE: Dan posted a response here. Check it out!*