Holy Molly Garlicy Guacamole

Hello everyone!

I have been asked to provide my Holy Molly Garlicy Guacamole recipe so here it is! This version serves about 6 people:


5 Avacodo's
1/2 Tomato
GARLIC (about two cloves)
1 Lime (Lemon would work too!)

Chop up the tomato and the garlic to your liking. The garlic I would recommend be as chopped as possible! Then, take the skin off the Avacodos and mash them into a big bowl. Add the tomato and garlic. Add some salt (start slowly... you can always add more! This is a personal taste). Then, cut the lime in half and juice both halves into the mixture (this makes it taste so yummy!). Mush it all together and taste test it... you may choose to add more garlic or more salt.

Now, I'm not too particular about how I make it. I usually add the ingredients until it tastes good to my liking. For example, I love it to be VERY garlicy so two cloves usually works but maybe you are different. You could also add more or less tomato.

Good luck and let me know how you like it!