Photography Aspirations

Hello all,

I have many aspirations and apart from psych*logy and Amer*can S*gn Langu*ge (ASL), I love photography.

I always have. It started when I was in high school and I took a class. My parents bought me a Canon Rebel G for my birthday and there I went shooting everything in sight. Since then, my camera has disappeared (cough, cough, I think my sister lost it cough cough) and last year, I made a spontaneous purchase. I bought a Nikon D40 and haven't looked back. Since then, I have taken tons of pictures. I even had the honor to be the photographer at my mother's wedding (small wedding needed a free photographer ;-)). That day gave me such joy I can't even begin to tell you. The pictures that came from that day are priceless to me and my family. I'm sure that they aren't "professional" one bit, but they are my pride and joy. Here, I would like to show you some pictures I have taken in the past year. I don't have a lot of good ones (in my opinion) but here are the ones I think are decent. Enjoy!


Bird in DC

Clyde who passed away last year. He was so sweet and photogenic!

Another Clyde picture

Here is Dan at Shenandoah State Park in VA (Old Rag)

This is one of my favorites. It's a dock at my favorite place in Pennsylvania!

My mom and her new hubby

Another wedding shot

This picture makes me smile every time... look at her happiness!

This is one of my ratties, Thurston. He is very timid because I adopted him from the Humane Society. I don't think his first family treated him well but he has turned into such a sweetheart!
Of course, no post with pictures would leave out a Liam picture! Here he is at Christmas, 2008!

With advice from a blogger that I found, I recently purchased Photoshop Elements. I want to learn Photoshop, but I simply do not have the money right now. Also, I feel most pictures should become their best in the camera itself but I do want to learn more editting techniques. I can't wait to start using elements. Andrea also recommended a book for me to read! She's great, check out her blog and get inspired!

Also, for all you photography enthusiasts, check out Digital Photography School. It's an awesome website with tools, tricks, forums, fun, and even assignments (for free!).

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Happy photos,