Mexican Fiesta, Gift Exchange, and Bride Wars

Hello loves!

Today is Sunday which is one of my favorite days of the week! I feel like it's a time for family and friends and today is no different! My friend T and I are cooking up a storm for Dan and his roommates because they helped her move last week. We are having a Mexican Fiesta which includes my Holy Molly Garlicy Guacamole (it' very garlicy!) and chicken taco's! Yum.

Last night, I went to a White Elephant Gift exchange party and it was a blast although I had a little "hic-up". My friend S was having the party and previously sent out Facebook invitations. For some unknown reason, I thought the party was around 7 pm which meant I had time to hang out and relax during the afternoon. I stayed at Dan's house the night before and went home around 3 pm. It was 4 pm and I was just sitting down to eat a smoothie and catch up on blog's, when I decided to log onto Facebook to see what time the party started so I could figure out when to get ready. The party STARTED AT 4 pm! It WAS 4 pm when I logged on! I hadn't yet showered or ANYthing... ugh. I was mortified! I quickly got up and called S who was totally cool with it but I was a mess. I showered like lightening and quickly ran out the door! THEN, there was traffic and rain which meant it took me forever to arrive! UGH. I ended up arriving about an HOUR and 45 MINUTES late! They all decided to wait for me (thanks girls!) but I felt terrible anyways.

Besides that, the night was great! Here was the gift I brought ($15 limit):

I bought it all at Ulta because they are having a huge holiday sale! It's amazing what you can buy after the holidays! My gift was also "stolen" twice (meaning if it was someone's turn, they could pick my gift that someone already opened and therefore, "steal" it) which really made me feel good! The gift I got was a micro-fleece blanket which is perfect because I needed a blanket badly!

After the party, some of us went to see Bride Wars.

It was absolutely hilarious and definitely a movie I will buy! I really liked how Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway worked together - they had great chemistry. After the movie, my girls and I went and got some Margarita's which honestly weren't that good. Don't you hate it when a $9 drink has so much ice in the little cup that after 3 sips it's gone? Yea, I do too.

Well loves, I'm going to go and have a beer with my friends. The kitchen is smelling wonderful and I can't wait to eat! I hope you all have a great Sunday!