Mad Feet and Some Changes

Hello, hello!

I had a great day today because I had work :-) I haven't mentioned this before but my bachelor's degree was in Americ*n S*gn L*nguage interpreting (sorry about the astericks, I would like to not be Googled about my job)... that's right folks. I am an interpreter who works for an agency in this lovely metro area. I do love interpreting but when I graduated I realized I wanted to have more of a "say" instead of speaking for others all the time. That's why I am in graduate school now.

Anyways, I was only supposed to have one job today from 9:30-11. I ended up barely doing ANY interpreting (really... nothing... maybe a few sentences), which was fine with me! Towards the end of my job, my boss called to see if I was available in the afternoon and since I need the money, of course I was available (cha-ching!). However, I was in Georgetown at the time and the job was in Chinatown. Basically, it was just a pain because I had my car at the time. So, I drove to the metro, ate a quick lunch, then metroed to Chinatown. It doesn't sound that bad, but I was wearing my heels. I wish I wasn't. I did so much walking today and now my feet are swollen and mad at me.

when I googled "mad feet", this image came up

Oh well... lesson learned: Don't wear uncomfortable shoes when on an interpreting assignment. Simple :-)

When I got home, I had one thing on my mind: PIZZA. Last night, I could not sleep so I watched Sex and the City. In this one episode, Miranda and Steve were eating NY pizza and I was craving it so much. Ooo those big slices! I'm jealous of those who live in NYC! My craving would not go away so I ordered Papa Johns for dinner tonight.

I also have some delightful news! I decided on a blog designer and we are now in the process of redesigning my blog. I also made a decision that may come as a shock: I am switching to WordPress. My blog name is going to stay the same (I hope I don't change my mind again!) as well as the URL. I am hoping that during this change you will continue to stay with me! I just need a space that's easier to customize and do the things I want to do with this blog.

Also, that you all for your comments and words of wisdom during my Blog Identity Crisis (BIC). You gave me so much insight and thought. I want to specifically thank my mom, my dad, and my sister for leaving comments (I LOVE YOU GUYS!)! They know me so well and all recommended to keep the name, Wearing Mascara. Here are their comments:

My little 20-year old sister V wrote:
Julie! It's your lover and little sis V :)

I LOVE and have ALWAYS LOVED Wearing Mascara. And I agree with everybody else that the tag "... all while wearing mascara" is so freaking chic/modern/catchy/sexy/fun. It's all very Sex and The City meets the digital age of blogging haha. When I hear "wearing mascara" I don't think makeup- I think cool 20-something girl who I am so freaking proud to call my sister. I love your blog and I think the name is fantastic. I wouldn't change...

the guys can get over it ;) - i like how you speak to us.

My Mom wrote (I still want her to do a guest post!):
Hi darling and everyone else reading my private comments to you! This is MOM and my thoughts:

First, what people need to know about you is this is an entirely YOU/Julie thing to be thinking about changing your blog name! It's too funny! Remember when we were in Girl Scouts, and you changed your camp name soooo often that I told you your name should be Switch??? Here you go again.... Believe in yourself first!

Second, isn't your blog all about you and what you're up to, all while wearing mascara? This is such unique branding, I wouldn't touch it with a ten-foot pole. You've already attracted readers, and you'll gain more by just continuing what you're doing NOW in the persona in which you have defined yourself. It's a female perspective on all things in your world. What's wrong with that? When you become famous, I want to see the guys coming out of the woodwork claiming to have read you anonymously when they thought they wouldn't get caught!!! Your blog name is NOT holding you back. In my opinion, it's liberating by not boxing in your perspective! If I had the eyelashes you do, I'd be wearing mascara as I babysit Liam!

Julie, as your Mom, I have a unique take and knowledge of you. I wouldn't change your blog name for all the chai in India. You have created something really neat here and I'm proud of you for it.

My dad wrote:
Hi Julie,

I read all your audience's comments and was just getting ready to put my thoughts down when I came upon those of your mom.

I had to laugh as I read her comments because they completely represent my thoughts! How funny! So I won't repeat everything she said except to say that you've done a wonderful job branding your site - - just look at people's affinity toward your site name!

So I'd leave it alone. Besides, only real men would visit a site called Wearing Mascara!

Proudly, Dad

Well that's about it! I still have to do my one-minute of push-ups later tonight. I'll let you know how that goes ;-)