It's Cold!

Hello loves,

I got to Ohio yesterday around 7:30 pm and have been hanging out with family ever since. While I was in Pittsurgh, I had an interview for a full year internship in psychology (for my final year). It went very well and I now have a decision to make :-) I will give you more information I promise!

This morning, my sister and brother-in-law made eggs and bacon for breakfast (yum!) while I hung out with the little man:

Liam's Christmas picture, 2008
This morning, I attended my friend's memorial service. The service was beautiful and was attended by much of the community and a sea of blue police officers. Tons. It was unbelievable and know he would have loved to see the community support. Please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers.

On a more happy note, my blog designer sent me her first idea for this website and WOW... I cannot believe how beautiful it is! She is going to send me some more ideas, but I was extremely impressed with what she has come up with.

Another piece of news is that my boyfriend Dan has a new blog! It's called the Laughing Soul and he picked the perfect name. It describes him completely! Please go and give him a gigantic welcome! (I know he would love it!).

Recently, the blogosphere has been having a ton of giveaways! This makes me very excited so I want to share two for you.

- Monogram Chick is giving away an Aqua Polka Dot travel mug.
- Danielle from Blogs by Danielle is giving away a blog makeover.
Tell them both I sent you :-)

In a few minutes I'm going out (yes, in the bitterly cold!) to pick up my favorite subs for family dinner. Then we are having family game night complete with beer and wine. Have a great night everyone and again, thank you for all your support in the past few days. It means so much to have such supportive readers!